Technical Program Details

Technical Program Details

Friday 1 November @ Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F) for Oral Presentations/ Sky Lounge (5F) for Poster Presentations

Session NoDateTimeLocationPt TypeNrPaper TitleAuthorsOrganizationCountry
FO1Friday 1 Nov10:00-11:00Chair: Jens Lambrecht, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
FO1-1Friday 1 Nov10:00-10:15Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral13Online Adjustment of Two-Stage Inference for Knowledge CachingPark, Geonha; Hwang, ChanghoKAISTKorea
FO1-2Friday 1 Nov10:15-10:30Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral17BALD-VAE: Generative Active Learning Based on the Uncertainties of Both Labeled and Unlabeled DataLee, Sun Kyung; Kim, Jong-HwanKAISTKorea
FO1-3Friday 1 Nov10:30-10:45Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral18Multi-Channel Classification Resonance NetworkKim, Joonhyuk; Park, Gyeong-Moon; Kim, Jong-HwanKAISTKorea
FO1-4Friday 1 Nov10:45-11:00Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral27Working Vacation Scheduling of M^X/M/1/N System Using Neural NetworkPark, Yongbee; Moon, TaesupSungkyunkwan UniversityKorea
FO2Friday 1 Nov11:30-12:30Chair: JouhYeong Chew, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
FO2-1Friday 1 Nov11:30-11:45Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral38Ballistic Object Trajectory and Launch Point Estimation from Radar Measurements Using Long-Short Term Memory NetworksKim, Juhyung; Lim, Ming Chong; Park, Soon-Seo; Kim, Iksoo; Choi, Han-LimKAISTKorea
FO2-2Friday 1 Nov11:45-12:00Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral54ECGDeepNET: A Deep Learning Approach for Classifying ECG BeatsMahmud, Tanvir; Hossain, Abdul Rakib; Fattah, Shaikh AnowarulBangladesh University of Engineering and TechnologyBangladesh
FO2-3Friday 1 Nov12:00-12:15Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral16A Deep Learning Approach for Early Wildfire Detection from Hyperspectral Satellite ImagesNguyen, Thanh Toan; Phan, Thanh Cong; Nguyen, Quoc Viet Hung; Jo, JunHo Chi Minh City University of TechnologyVietnam
FO2-4Friday 1 Nov12:15-12:30Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral29Robot Social Emotional Development through Memory RetrievalBui, Ha-Duong; Dang, Thi Le Quyen; Chong, Nak YoungJapan Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyJapan
FP3Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Chair: Han-Lim Choi, KAIST, Korea
FP3-1Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster52A Multi-Storey Garage Smart Parking System Based on Image ProcessingCrisostomo, Chyn Ira; Malalis, Royce Val; Saysay, Romel; Baldovino, RenannDe La Salle UniversityPhilippines
FP3-2Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster64Concept Design of Mole-Like Excavate Robot and Localization MethodLee, Junseok; Lim, Hyunjun; Song, Seungwon; Myung, HyunKAISTKorea
FP3-3Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster7Which LSTM Type Is Better for Interaction Force Estimation?Cho, Hyeon; Kim, HyungHo; KO, DAE-KWAN; Lim, Soo-Chul; Hwang, WonjunAjou UnviersityKorea
FP3-4Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster10Conversion of Body Temperature from Skin Temperature Using Neural Network for Smart BandKwak, Young-Tae; Yang, JiWon; You, YongDuckChonbuk National UniversityKorea
FP3-5Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster22Gesture Recognition and Effective Interaction Based Dining Table Cleaning RobotMoh, Jun Jie; Zhang, Bin; Lim, Hun-ok; Takafumi, KijimaKanagawa UniversityJapan
FP3-6Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster25D-ALICE: Domain Adaptation-Based Labeling the Human in Cartoon ImagEKim, HyungHo; Cho, Hyeon; Choi, Ouk; Hwang, WonjunAjou UnviersityKorea
FP3-7Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster31Design of a Robot Controller for Peloton Formation Using Fuzzy LogicBedruz, Rhen Anjerome; Vicerra, Ryan Rhay; Concepcion, Ronnie II; DADIOS, Elmer P; Bandala, ArgelDe La Salle UniversityPhilippines
FP3-8Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster41Recognition of Personality Traits Using Word Vector from Reflective ContextBhin, Hyeonuk; Lim, Yoonseob; Choi, JongsukKorea Inst. of Sci. and Tech.Korea
FP3-9Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster32Millimeter-Wave Radar and RGB-D Camera Sensor Fusion for Real-Time People Detection and TrackingZewge, Natnael Shewangizaw; kim, Youngmin; Kim, Jintae; Kim, Jong-HwanKAISTKorea
FP3-10Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster33A Robust Client-Server Architecture for Map Information Processing and Transmission for Distributed Visual SLAMKim, Jintae; kim, Youngmin; Zewge, Natnael Shewangizaw; Kim, Jong-HwanKAISTKorea
FP3-11Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)PosterMIL1Development of quality improvement system based on continuous conversationYun, Jaemin; Shin, Dongchun; Jee, Minseong; Ko, YeonjeongKAISTKorea
FP3-12Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)PosterMIL2

Identifying well-annotated examples using multiple networks for robust


Lee, Jisoo; Chung, Sae-YoungKAISTKorea
FP3-13Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)PosterMIL3Generative Memory with Selective ReconstructionKwak, Jin Myung; Han, Moonsu; Hwang, Sung JuKAISTKorea
FP3-14Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)PosterMIL4Use of Item Features for Initializing Item Embedding in Session-based Recommender SystemsLee, Kiwon; Lee, Yong H.KAISTKorea
FP3-15Friday 1 Nov15:45-16:45Sky Lounge (5F)PosterMIL5Human Pose Estimation using Sequential Stage Architecture and Dense Connections for Gesture RecognitionLee, Seunghee; Myung, Hyun KAISTKorea

Saturday 2 November @ Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F) for Oral Presentations/ Sky Lounge (5F) for Poster Presentations


Session NoDateTimeLocationPt TypeNrPaper TitleAuthorsOrganizationCountry
SO1Saturday 2 Nov09:30-10:30Chair: Anwar PP Abdul Majeed, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
SO1-1Saturday 2 Nov09:30-09:45Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral3A Fast Calibration Method for 3D Printing Robot Based on Distance ConstraintMa, Kaiwei; Zhao, Tianzheng; Li, Lan; Adewale, Orelaja Oluseyi; Xia, Dan; Wang, XingsongSoutheast UniversityChina
SO1-2Saturday 2 Nov09:45-10:00Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral8Development of a Virtual Environment to Realize Human-Machine Interaction of Forklift OperationChew, Jouh Yeong; Okayama, Ken; Okuma, Takashi; Kawamoto, Mitsuru; Onda, Hiromu; KATO, NorihikoNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyJapan
SO1-3Saturday 2 Nov10:00-10:15Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral46Design and Development of a Simple Smart Self-Feeding Robot for Parkinson’s Patients and Elder PeopleLuong Huu Thanh, Nam; Nguyen Truong, ThinhHo Chi Minh City University of Technical EducationVietnam
SO1-4Saturday 2 Nov10:15-10:30Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral59Orientation Correction for Hector SLAM at Starting StageWei, Weichen; Shirinzadeh, Bijan; Chen, Chao; Esakkiappan, Shunmugasundar; Ghafarian, Mohammadali; Al-Jodah, AmmarMonash UniversityAustralia
SO2Saturday 2 Nov11:30-12:30Chair: Dian Tjondronegoro, Griffith University, Australia
SO2-1Saturday 2 Nov11:30-11:45Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral26Attention Neural Networks for Pan-Tilt-Zoom Control with Active Hand-OffHighlander, Tyler; Gallagher, JohnWright State UniversityUnited States of America
SO2-2Saturday 2 Nov11:45-12:00Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral5Robust Few-Shot Pose Estimation of Articulated Robots Using Monocular Cameras and Deep-Learning-Based Keypoint DetectionLambrecht, JensTechnische Universität BerlinGermany
SO2-3Saturday 2 Nov12:00-12:15Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral36Speech Enabled Social Robots Platform for Elderly Care SupportNasr, Mahmoud; Karray, Fakhri; Quintana, YuriUniversity of WaterlooCanada
SO2-4Saturday 2 Nov12:15-12:30Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral58Vision-Based Liquid Level Detection in Amber Glass Bottles Using OpenCVFelipe, Mikhael Anthony; Olegario, Tanya; Bugtai, Nilo; Baldovino, RenannDe La Salle UniversityPhilippines
SO3Saturday 2 Nov14:00-15:30Chair: Jin-Woo Jung, Dongguk University, Korea
SO3-1Saturday 2 Nov14:00-14:15Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral49Combining Local and Global Descriptors through Rotation Invariant Texture Analysis for Ulos ClassificationPanggabean, Teamsar; Barus, ArlintaDel Institute of TechnologyIndonesia
SO3-2Saturday 2 Nov14:15-14:30Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral57Expression Tracking with OpenCV Deep Learning for a Development of Emotionally Aware ChatbotsCarranza, Karmelo Antonio Lazaro; Manalili, Joshua Paul; Bugtai, Nilo; Baldovino, RenannDe La Salle UniversityPhilippines
SO3-3Saturday 2 Nov14;30-14:45Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral12Design of a RLS-Based Real-Time State Observer for Estimating Joint Accelerations and Inertias of a Robot ManipulatorLee, Sangdeok; Jung, SeulChungnam National UniversityKorea
SO3-4Saturday 2 Nov14:45-15:00Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral20A Novel Flexible Bidirectional Bending Actuator with Large AnglePang, Jie; Tian, Mengqian; Wang, Xingsong; Lv, Jiadong; shen, donghuaSoutheast UniversityChina
SO3-5Saturday 2 Nov15:00-15:15Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral60Development of Leap Motion Capture Based – Hand Gesture Controlled Interactive Quadrotor Drone GameBandala, Argel; Maningo, Jose Martin; Sybingco, Edwin; Vicerra, Ryan Rhay; DADIOS, Elmer P; Guillarte, Joshua; Salting, Julius Oigimer; Santos, Ma. Joyce Anne; Sarmiento, Basil AntonDe La Salle UniversityPhilippines
SO3-6Saturday 2 Nov15:15-15:30Yang Seungtaik Auditorium (2F)Oral34Preliminary Results on 2-D Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Aerial Robots in Dynamics EnvironmentsSimas, Manuel; Guerreiro, Bruno J.; Batista, PedroInstitute for Systems and Robotics / Instituto Superior TécnicoPortugal
SP4Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Chair: Han-Lim Choi, KAIST, Korea
SP4-1Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster47The Impact of AI on the Design of Reception Robot: A Case StudyNguyen Dao, Xuan Hai; Nguyen Truong, ThinhHo Chi Minh City University of Technical EducationVietnam
SP4-2Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster14Object Detection for Similar Appearance Objects Based on EntropyJu, Minjeong; Moon, Sangkeun; Yoo, Chang D.KAISTKorea
SP4-3Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster19Integrated Platform for Understanding Physical Prior & Task LearningSharma, Namrata; Lee, Chang Hwa; Lee, Sang WanKAISTKorea
SP4-4Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster63Cross-Domain Knowledge Transfer for Incremental Deep Learning in Facial Expression RecognitionSugianto, Nehemia; Tjondronegoro, DianGriffith UniversityAustralia
SP4-5Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster48Dynamic Bird Detection Using Image Processing and Neural NetworkJo, Jeongjin; Park, Junwon; Han, Jinyoung; Lee, Minsun; Smith, Anthony H.Chungnam National UniversityKorea
SP4-6Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster53Smart Pillow: Sleep Apnea Monitoring and Minimization DeviceSyeda, Zuriat-e-Zehra Ali; Rida, Ashfaq; Rameesa, afzal; Mehr, Un Nisa; Sultan, Babar; Abdul, JalilNUST SEECS Islamabad PakistanPakistan
SP4-7Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster43Longitudinal Wheel Slip Regulation Using Nonlinear Autoregressive-Moving Average (NARMA-L2) Neural ControllerDajay, Ryan Christoper; Española, Jason; Bandala, Argel; Bedruz, Rhen Anjerome; Vicerra, Ryan Rhay; DADIOS, Elmer PDe La Salle UniversityPhilippines
SP4-8Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster11A Time-Delayed Control Scheme with a Sliding Mode Controller for a Robot ManipulatorJung, SeulChungnam National UniversityKorea
SP4-9Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster21Optimal Path Planning of Automated Guided Vehicle Using Dijkstra Algorithm under Dynamic ConditionsKim, Sungkwan; Jin, Hojun; Seo, Minah; Har, DongsooKAISTKorea
SP4-10Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster24Circumscribed Douglas-Peucker Polygonal Approximation for Curvilinear Obstacle RepresentationJung, Jin-woo; So, Byung-Chul; Kang, Jin-Gu; Jang, Woo-JinDongguk UniversityKorea
SP4-11Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster39Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Autonomous Robot under Complex EnvironmentTuong Phuoc, Tho; Nguyen Truong, Thinh; Nguyen Phuong, NamHo Chi Minh City University of Technical EducationVietnam
SP4-12Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster40Study on Path Planning of Intelligent Mower Based on UWB LocationLiu, Yang; Wang, Xingsong; Tian, Mengqian; Lv, JiadongSouthEast UniversityChina
SP4-13Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster45Emerging UAV Applications in AgricultureLemma, Lebsework Negash; Kim, Ho-Yeon; Choi, Han-LimKAISTKorea
SP4-14Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster55BCI-Controlled Smart Wheelchair for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis PatientsEspiritu, Noelle Marie; Chen, Senrong Ainsley; Blasa, Tiffany Ann; Munsayac, Francisco Emmanuel; Arenos, Rebecca; Baldovino, Renann; Bugtai, Nilo; Co, HomerDe La Salle UniversityPhilippines
SP4-15Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)Poster61Dynamic Peloton Formation Configuration Algorithm of Swarm Robots for Aerodynamic Effects OptimizationBedruz, Rhen Anjerome; Maningo, Jose Martin; Fernando, Arvin; Bandala, Argel; Vicerra, Ryan Rhay; DADIOS, Elmer PDe La Salle UniversityPhilippines
SP4-16Saturday 2 Nov16:45-17:45Sky Lounge (5F)PosterMIL6Out-of-distribution detection using feature encoderYun, Juseung; Kim, JunmoKAISTKorea